Start Date: Immediate Need

    Location: Minneapolis Campus

    Reports to: Principal / Director of Special Education

    Prodeo Academy, a network of public charter schools serving the Twin Cities, is a meaningful education solution that is closing the opportunity gap through data driven instruction in a culture based on a foundation of five core values: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Development and Enthusiasm. Shared expectations around these values enhance the opportunity for our scholars to reach their full potential. We are looking for team members committed to helping our students access greater opportunities, achieve future success, and contribute to the vitality of our community.


    Educate, plan, teach, facilitate and evaluate students with special education needs according to local, state and federal regulations and guidelines.


    % of time Job Duty


    Teach students and related activities. Select, plan and deliver appropriate instructional activities for special education students that will meet IEP goals and objectives, and align with state standards. Monitor student progress according to IEP goals and make instruction changes when appropriate; report student progress to parents on a regular basis. Coordinate curriculum and teaching procedures with other general and special education staff members. Attend and participate in scheduled activities such as open house and parent conferences. Supervise students according to established building schedule. Work with support staff, classroom teachers and administration in dealing with student concerns in and outside of the teacher classroom.


    Ensure Due Process requirements are met. Participate on interdisciplinary child study team and makes appropriate recommendations on referrals, assessments, eligibility and diagnosis. Accurately administer and interpret diagnostic assessment instruments, behavioral observations, and/or reports appropriate for area of training. Case manages students with disabilities and coordinates the development of Individual Education Program (IEP) evaluation plans, positive behavior support plans, and assessments for special education eligibility. Complete and distribute due process paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.


    Collaborate with others. Communicate and collaborate with parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and outside professional agencies in a professional manner. Communication occurs regarding the needs of students with disabilities, including but not limited to: student progress, curriculum and instructional needs, and concerns. Engage in department, site and district initiatives through: building staff meetings, department meetings, and grade-level meetings.


    Professional Development. Attend and participate in staff meetings for staff development, administrative details, and curriculum projects.

    Job Outcomes

    · Project a positive, cooperative and respectful attitude with community members, parents, students and other employees.

    · Maintain a positive and professional education environment at all times.

    · Educate students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

    · Case manage special education students according to their IEP’s and state and federal regulations, rules, and laws.

    V. Decision-making/Freedom to Act/Major Challenges

    · Uses experience and past practice along with district, state, and federal policies, regulations and laws with regard to making decisions about services provided to diverse learners with special needs. Some of the major challenges include: meeting the individual needs of students with disabilities, classroom management, amount of paperwork; as it relates to due process, and readily applying changes in state and federal special education policies and laws to practice. Decisions or situations that involve the potential for public or parental concerns or allocation of resources (e.g. special transportation, classified staff, high tech high cost assistive technology) are discussed with the appropriate the Principal/Special Education Administrator for resolution. This position reports to Principal/Special Education Administrator.

    Working Conditions Required

    · Typical classroom conditions. Occasional exposure to airborne and bloodborne pathogens (bodily fluids).

    Physical Effort Required

    · Position requires extended periods of standing when teaching or leading an activity; frequently bends, stoops, and/or sits on the floor for extended periods of time to provide instruction one to one assistance with students. Occasionally requires extended periods of sitting during meetings and desk work to perform keyboarding activities for class preparation, grading, and related special education paperwork. Periodic lifting of students or equipment up to 40 lbs.

    Mental Effort Required

    · Position requires working with many students who have varying levels of learning and and/or behavioral needs. Position requires working with interruptions, classroom noise, handling multiple tasks and organizing and prioritizing work assignments. Position often employs strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills in dealing with students, staff and parents.

    Machines, Tools, Equipment, Electronic Devices, Software Required

    · Operates a computer with grading, word processing, e-mail, and due process and data management software programs.

      · Operates phone, copier, calculator, fax, printers, doc camera, Smart Board (or like equipment), other electronic resources available to staff and assistive technology, as needed, by special needs students.


      General Requirements

      · Education required: BA/BS degree

      · Certification/Licensure required: Licensure in area of teaching assignment

      Other Desired:

      · Multiple licensure and willingness to accept duties such as co-curricular assignments

      · Advanced training beyond minimum license requirement

      · Knowledge and application of assessment tools and due process procedures.

      · Experience related to students with disabilities

      · Experience in behavior management techniques

      · Working knowledge of multiple disabilities beyond licensure

      Knowledge & Skills

      · Outstanding attention to detail and willingness to get the job done.

      · Excellent organizational, planning, and implementation skills.

      · Ability to communicate and interact effectively with multiple stakeholders.

      · Able to multi-task and work in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment.

      · Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

      Description of Setting III Program

      The Special Education Federal III Teaching Position will be expected to uphold the mission of the Federal III PRIDE Program: To nurture and develop engaged and self-determined learners in an inclusive and child-centered environment.

      The Setting III program at Prodeo Academy is based on the Boys Town Education Model. The Boys Town Education Model is a behaviorally-based program that focuses on developing skills and teaching replacement behaviors for the student to help him or her be successful across environments. The model encourages positive approaches, uses a team approach in general settings, and is an ongoing process that is flexible based on each individual student’s needs. The Boys Town Education Model Hallmarks include: safety, positive and healthy relationships, individualized and strengths-focused, social skills curriculum, methods to teach and support skill acquisition, generalization and internalization, self-management/self-determination, and proactive administrative intervention. Overall, the model provides proactive teaching strategies with frequent positive interactions and feedback with the goal of preventing life skill deficits for each student.

      The goal for all staff working with students within the Setting III program at Prodeo Academy is to acquire the appropriate skills to be successful within the mainstream classroom. As a part of the Boys Town model, students are provided academic and behavioral skills instruction in an optimal learning environment, incorporating explicit, small-group instruction, with frequent, immediate, and consistent staff feedback. Once the student has demonstrated that he or she has acquired the specific skills within the Setting III environment, the staff and student work together to promote generalization of behaviors in general education setting(s).