Start Date: 2019-2020

School: St. Paul Primary

Reports to: Principal


Prodeo Academy, a network of public charter schools serving the Twin Cities, is a meaningful education solution that is closing the achievement gap through data driven instruction in a culture based on a foundation of five core values: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Development and Enthusiasm. Shared expectations around these values enhance the opportunity for our scholars to reach their full potential. We are looking for team members committed to helping our students access greater opportunities, achieve future success, and contribute to the vitality of our community.


Classroom Teachers are committed members of a grade level team that is closing the opportunity gap for not only the students in their classroom and grade, but also the school. A Prodeo Academy Classroom Teacher is intensely focused on each student’s growth. In order to do this, the Classroom Teacher provides a loving, structured classroom rooted in high expectations for behavior and learning. The Classroom Teacher will report to the Principal, and will work in partnership with all members of the school team and Grade Team Leader. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is energized by challenging work, hungry for feedback, and is able to work collaboratively across lines of difference with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness.



  • Provides targeted instruction to students
  • Adopts and articulates the most effective instructional practices
  • Works hard to be an expert in the curriculum

Classroom Management

  • Radiates warmth; is a positive presence when standing in front of students
  • Speaks with leadership and confidence
  • Creates a safe, predictable environment for students; has high expectations for students
  • Values school-wide consistency and implementation of the most effective practices, follows school’s Common Picture routines, procedures and expectations

Data Analysis

  • Sets and achieves ambitious goals with students
  • Manages and shares data regularly
  • Identifies strengths and growth areas in classroom/ grade level/ schoolwide data and gets “granular” – will pinpoint trends in small group and individual students’ data
  • Develops Data Driven plans every 6 weeks for small groups and individuals

Professional Development

  • Attends all professional development offered by the school, including a 2-week training in August
  • Attends coaching meetings, is receptive to frequent observations, and implements feedback
  • Is organized and well-prepared for all sessions
  • Follows through on next steps from professional development
  • Works hard to achieve professional goals

Grade Team Participation

  • Attends, participates, and presents during weekly meetings
  • Approaches team work with humility and offers help even when it hasn’t been asked for
  • Shares resources, plans and ideas openly


  • Recognizes when a student’s situation is urgent and prioritizes accordingly
  • Checks and responds to email and phone messages within 24 business hours
  • Speaks kindly of others at all times
  • Stays solutions-orientated when faced with complex challenges


  • Outstanding attention to detail and willingness to get the job done
  • Excellent organizational, planning, and implementation skills
  • Ability to communicate and interact effectively with multiple stakeholders
  • Able to multitask and work in a fast paced entrepreneurial environment.


  • Education required: BA/BS degree
  • Certification/Licensure required: Licensure in area of teaching assignment
  • Record of exemplary results with students
  • Knowledge and application of assessment tools and data management


Salary for this position is very competitive and commensurate with experience.