Founded in 2011, Prodeo Academy is a network of public charter schools aimed at providing families in the Twin Cities metro area with a high-quality education option. Founders Rick Campion and Chancey Anderson recognized that in order for Prodeo Academy to be exceptionally successful, they needed to learn from the highest-performing schools in the country. Therefore, Rick Campion spent two years studying and completing internships in several such schools in order to bring best practices back to the Twin Cities. Chancey spent time teaching and writing curriculum for Uncommon Schools, one of the highest-performing networks in the country.

As experienced educators, they know that success in the classroom is a combination of many powerful factors and they designed a school to address each of those factors. Having worked at all levels of education, they were able to see what preparation for college looks like at every grade level. Their goal was to provide a place where all families have the same platform for future success.

The guiding mission of Prodeo Academy is to serve as a network of preparatory schools that develop students to be critical thinkers and intelligent leaders. Over the last five years, Prodeo Academy students have shown tremendous academic results. On the nationally standardized NWEA, Prodeo students are in the 94th percentile in Math and the 90th percentile for growth in Reading.

  • Caroline Becker

    Special Education Behavioral Support

    “ In my twelfth year of teaching, I chose Prodeo again this year because of its mission to close the opportunity gap in a mindful student-centered way. ”

  • Alex McCoy

    First Grade Teacher

    “ The reason I work at Prodeo is because it’s the community I’ve been searching for ever since I’ve started teaching. We understand that we’re here for the scholars and we work together to help each one of them be successful. ”



Prodeo Academy Principals

  • Megan Besaw

    Minneapolis Primary Principal

  • Skye Hoesktra

    Minneapolis Elementary Principal

  • Liz Ferguson

    St. Paul Primary Principal

  • James Ewer

    Principal in Residence